process mining introduction 3 – decision tree

a good article hereEntropy: the degree of uncertainty invest of compressibility (zippability)Goal: reduce entropy in leaves of the tree to improve predictability. E = – (Sigma from i=1 to k)Pi log(Pi) in base 2K: possible values enumeratedPi = Ci / n is the fraction of elements having value i with Ci>= 1 the number of… Continue reading process mining introduction 3 – decision tree

رابطه علّی

در تصمیم‌گیری‌های کسب‌وکار بسیار اهمیت دارد که مدیران بتوانند رابطه علّی را درست تشخیص دهند. می‌توان گفت در بیشتر موارد مدیریت یعنی ایجاد تغییر در چیزهایی که تحت کنترل است به‌منظور آن‌که روی چیزهای دیگری که تحت کنترل نیست، اثر گذاشت تا به نتیجه دلخواه رسید. برای مثال یک مدیر بودجه تبلیغات سازمان خود را… Continue reading رابطه علّی

Process mining – Introduction 2

Case ID Activity Name Time Stamp Play out: A possible scenario Play in: simple process allowing for 4 traces Replay Process mining: Discovery Conformance Enhancement Machine learning: Supervised learning: response variable that labels each instance (we labeled each data and the machine will learn from that) Classification: classify to predict (i.e. decision tree) Regression: final… Continue reading Process mining – Introduction 2

Process mining – Introduction 1

Process mining is the combination of Data mining and Business process management. It works with log files. Every log file must have: Case ID (order ID) Activity (purchased, Request, rejected, …) Time stamp Process mining Internet of events Big data Internet of contents (google, Wikipedia) Social media Internet of people Cloud Internet of things Mobility Internet… Continue reading Process mining – Introduction 1

Unleash the value of PROCESS MINING

ABOUT The purpose of this article is to introduce the reader to process mining, an innovative analytical approach to learn about any process in an objective and exhaustive manner. It covers of course the key concepts and definitions, as well as the benefits, technical requirements, and success criteria, which hopefully will give you the inspiration to apply such techniques to your… Continue reading Unleash the value of PROCESS MINING