Selecting Subsets of Data in Pandas

from What Code single column  df[‘food’] multiple columns df[[‘color’, ‘food’, ‘score’]] single row df.loc[‘Niko’] multiple rows df.loc[[‘Niko’, ‘Penelope’]] slice notation to select a range of rows df.loc[‘Niko’:’Dean’]   df.loc[:’Aaron’] stepping by 2 df.loc[‘Niko’:’Christina’:2] rows and columns df.loc[row_selection, column_selection]   df.loc[‘Jane’:’Penelope’, [‘state’, ‘color’]] single row df.iloc[3] multiple rows df.iloc[[5, 2, 4]]   df.iloc[3:5]   df.iloc[[2,3], [0,… Continue reading Selecting Subsets of Data in Pandas

Pandas V.S SQL

If you knew SQL before and want to migrate to Python, you can use this article. TiTle SQL Pandas Desc Simple SELECT total_bill, tip, smoker, time FROM tips LIMIT ۵; tips[[‘total_bill’, ‘tip’, ‘smoker’, ‘time’]].head(۵)   Where SELECT * FROM tips WHERE time = ‘Dinner’ LIMIT ۵; tips[tips[‘time’] == ‘Dinner’].head(۵)   Multiple conditions SELECT * FROM tips WHERE… Continue reading Pandas V.S SQL