OM Setup




Pre requests:

Define item type: finished good.

Inventory item: Enabled

Stockable: Enabled

Transactable: Enabled

Customer Order: Enabled

Customer Ordered Enabled: Enabled

Shippable: Enabled

OE Transactable: Enabled



1.       Creation of item/(main tools> copy from> @finished good)

a.       Inventory tab: stockable, transactable, Reservable

b.      OM tab: Customer ordered, Customer ordered Enable, Shippable, OE Transactable

c.       Tools, Organization assignment

2.       Creation of transaction type

a.       Setup: Transaction type: Define

                                                               i.      Order category as return

                                                             ii.      Transaction type code = line

b.      Create new transaction type order

                                                               i.      Order category = return

                                                             ii.      Transaction type code = order

                                                            iii.      Fulfillment flow = order flow generic

c.       Click assign line flows & select order type & line type (2a & 2b)

                                                               i.      Process names = return for credit with receipt

3.       Document sequencing

a.       Setup: documents: define.

                                                               i.      Name

                                                             ii.      Application = Order Management

                                                            iii.       Type = Automatic

                                                           iv.       Initial value

b.      Setup, Document, assign

                                                               i.      App = OM

                                                             ii.      Category = 2a

                                                            iii.      Books

4.       Creation of price list

5.       Creation of customer

6.       Creation of sales order

a.       Entered : Booked: Pick release, Ship & Close

b.      RMA

                                                               i.      Sales order , Line Type = Return,  item qty = -, return reason

                                                             ii.      Line status => awaiting return

7.       Receipt of returned items

a.       Purchasing: receiving, receipts

b.      Customer tab: RMA# : find( receipt header window will open)

c.       Check the line to be receipt

d.      Enter location to receipt

e.      — The receipt# from Header

8.       Purchasing: receipt: receiving  transactions

a.       Customer tab: receipt#: find

b.      Enter Sub inventory & save

c.       Sales order line will be returned

9.       Inventory: on-hand Availability: on-hand Quantity

a.       Item revision:  Enter Item Returned: find

b.      View:  request: submit new request: ok

                                                               i.      Name = workflow background process

                                                             ii.      Parameters: Om order line , yes , yes , => this will close the line.

OM Setup

Mohammad Hossein Ebrahimzadeh
محمد حسین ابراهیم زاده