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Companies might have to transfer material from one warehouse (inventory organization) to other warehouse depending on the current on-hand stock and demand at each location. Oracle ERP provides a couple of ways to achieve this requirement.

1) Internal requisition to internal sales order
2) Inter Organization Transfer ( I have covered this in another article)

Normally Internal requisition will be created by the destination organization who wish to receive the material from source organization. Now a days companies being so global we may not have people assigned dedicatedly to work on individual warehouse so Internal requisitions can be created by a planner (employee / person) who is responsible for planning on-hand quantities at different warehouses.

First, Start with creating internal requisition. Make sure requisition type is selected as “Internal requisition”.


Source Organization is the warehouse where we have ample inventory stock and ready to give.

Destination organization is the requesting warehouse where material is required.


Submit requisition for approval.


Make sure requisition is approved.

Go to View > Requests > Submit a New Request


Submit “Create Internal Orders” concurrent program for the operating unit in which our requisition is created.


Switch responsibility to Order Management responsibility.

View > Requests > Submit a New Request

Run “Order Import” concurrent program with Order source as internal and order reference as requisition number.


Make sure “Order Import” concurrent program is completed.

Navigate to Order Organizer and search input Order Source as “Internal” and Order Source reference is your requisition number.


Click Find to get your sales order.


Observer that the customer that is populated will be your internal customer


If you would like confirm the Sales order link with requisition you can navigate to “Others” tab and at the bottom you can see the requisition number in Order source reference column.