stock forecasting in python

there are algorithms in Python to forecast stock market prices. Some popular algorithms include: It’s important to note that stock market forecasting is a challenging task and there’s no guarantee that any forecasting algorithm will be accurate. The stock market is influenced by numerous factors, including economic indicators, geopolitical events, and market sentiment, which can… Continue reading stock forecasting in python

Julia language Basics cheat sheet

String Theory! :Use ” or “”” for strings and ‘ for characters. println(“Hello, my name is $name.”) println(“That is $(num_fingers + num_toes) digits in all!!”)string(“I don’t know, but “, 😺, ” is too few.”)s3*s4 To handle errors:@assert *condition* “Error message” Tuple: myfavoriteanimals = (“penguins”, “cats”, “sugargliders”)myfavoriteanimals[1]You cannot do this: myfavoriteanimals[1] = “otters” Named Tuple: myfavoriteanimals =… Continue reading Julia language Basics cheat sheet