SAP, Time to market

  Time to market includes : new product development and introduction Life cycle data management they all have 4 functions: Analyze, Plan & development procure and manufacture market sell as you can see, this processes do not include after-sales services.   To develop innovative products is probably the most important process for the Consumer Durables industry, but… Continue reading SAP, Time to market

SAP Consumer Products – Consumer Durables & Home Appliances

When we talk about process, This is what we mean. I tried to bold the SD (Sales and destribution) parts. I’ll post about “Time to market” and “Go to market” processes. Sales execution is selling from stock. you have an inventory or warehouse of products and you just sell from there. No design ideas, no… Continue reading SAP Consumer Products – Consumer Durables & Home Appliances

توزیع و فروش

توزیع کنندگان و نمایندگی ها در یک کانال عرضه شرکت می کنند ، توزیع کننده معمولاً عمده فروشی است که به فروشندگان و دلالان می فروشد و معمولاً خرده فروشانی است که مستقیماً به عموم مردم می فروشند. اصطلاحات توزیع کننده توزیع کننده کالا در توزیع ماشین آلات و کالاهای مکانیکی متداول است – از… Continue reading توزیع و فروش

Distributorships and Dealerships

Distributors and dealers are participants in a supply channel, the distributor usually a wholesaler who sells to dealers and dealers usually retailers who sell directly to the public. The dealer-distributor terminology is most common in the distribution of machinery and mechanical goods—thus in automobiles, trucks, farm and construction equipment, yard and garden goods (green goods),… Continue reading Distributorships and Dealerships

Sales Process types (Sales Channels)

Sale fro stock Make to order Selling services Service contract Return material Cancellation Back to back Drop shipment Internal orders Also we have : Business to Business Business to customerBusiness to OrganizationBusiness to GovernmentCustomer to Customerand …