XGBoost to optimize the budget division and maximize the sales for each vendor product

we have a list of vendor-products with vendor discounts, and the historical data that shows each products with how much total discount sold in each vendor and vendor area, we have a limited budget to add on top to vendor discounts to sell the product better. please write a python code to optimize the budget… Continue reading XGBoost to optimize the budget division and maximize the sales for each vendor product

how to use data analytics in marketing insight

According to 1, data analytics can help improve decision making, marketing effectiveness, customer service and operational efficiency by providing insights into customer behavior, preferences, needs and expectations. Some of the ways to use data analytics in marketing insight are: data analysis can help Qcommerce companies to: some of the companies that use data analysis are:

polars join is so slow

If the join operation using polars is slow, there are some additional things you can try to improve performance: join_par is a method in Polars that performs a parallel join operation. Here’s how you can use it: The join_par method takes two arguments: the second dataframe to join and the join keys. In the example… Continue reading polars join is so slow

stock forecasting in python

there are algorithms in Python to forecast stock market prices. Some popular algorithms include: It’s important to note that stock market forecasting is a challenging task and there’s no guarantee that any forecasting algorithm will be accurate. The stock market is influenced by numerous factors, including economic indicators, geopolitical events, and market sentiment, which can… Continue reading stock forecasting in python

what should we learn that will be critical in next 20 years?

Here are some skills and fields that may be critical in the next 20 years: Note: The specific skills that will be critical can vary depending on the region and industry, but these are some of the broad areas that are likely to be important in the future.

install fbprophet in python

when entering maybe you get this error: or ay others and you tried everything!!just try this one and do not instal conda or anythong else!!: then start coding easily: you can add news data as an additional regressor to the model by using the add_regressor method in the prophet library. Here’s an example code: Note:… Continue reading install fbprophet in python

Julia language Basics cheat sheet

String Theory! :Use ” or “”” for strings and ‘ for characters. println(“Hello, my name is $name.”) println(“That is $(num_fingers + num_toes) digits in all!!”)string(“I don’t know, but “, 😺, ” is too few.”)s3*s4 To handle errors:@assert *condition* “Error message” Tuple: myfavoriteanimals = (“penguins”, “cats”, “sugargliders”)myfavoriteanimals[1]You cannot do this: myfavoriteanimals[1] = “otters” Named Tuple: myfavoriteanimals =… Continue reading Julia language Basics cheat sheet

اصطلاحات B2B و تعاریف آن‌ها

Company . CS شرح Description مخفف Abbreviation Company درآمد مکرر ماهانه: درآمد مکرر ماهانه (MRR) مقدار درآمد اشتراکی است که یک شرکت می تواند انتظار داشته باشد به صورت ماهانه دریافت کند. محاسبه MRR به معنای جمع ارزش اشتراک ماهانه همه مشتریان در یک ماه معین است. Monthly Recurring Revenue: Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is… Continue reading اصطلاحات B2B و تعاریف آن‌ها