Be in dark

I’m in dark. Would you please explain again ? من نگرفتم. میشه دوباره توضیح بدید؟ Be in dark Mohammad Hossein Ebrahimzadeh محمد حسین ابراهیم زاده

ATP Setup

Setup Available to Promise in Order Management ATP is acronym to Available to Promise. Oracle Order Management enables you to advise your customers when items will be available based on current on-hand inventory plus the expected incoming supply and outgoing demand. Calculating ATP requires as input the item, the order quantity, the order quantity unit… Continue reading ATP Setup

OM Setup

  RMA: Pre requests: Define item type: finished good. Inventory item: Enabled Stockable: Enabled Transactable: Enabled Customer Order: Enabled Customer Ordered Enabled: Enabled Shippable: Enabled OE Transactable: Enabled ===================================== Steps: 1.       Creation of item/(main tools> copy from> @finished good) a.       Inventory tab: stockable, transactable, Reservable b.      OM tab: Customer ordered, Customer ordered Enable, Shippable, OE… Continue reading OM Setup

OM Setup

Common Error in Oracle Shipping Execution (packaged with Oracle Order Management) – Part 1/2 Sub Inventories come to Order line Set the profile : INV: Allow Expense To Asset Transfer = Yes oracle order management with this profiles sub inventories will come to orde lines   Item come to Price List After create sub… Continue reading OM Setup


After about one year of being far from university, finally today I am here.Last one year I was just reading for my job but today, its a different experience.It is about three years that my university finished but I was teaching in some low quality Mohammad Hossein Ebrahimzadeh محمد حسین ابراهیم زاده