polars join is so slow

If the join operation using polars is slow, there are some additional things you can try to improve performance: join_par is a method in Polars that performs a parallel join operation. Here’s how you can use it: The join_par method takes two arguments: the second dataframe to join and the join keys. In the example… Continue reading polars join is so slow

stock forecasting in python

there are algorithms in Python to forecast stock market prices. Some popular algorithms include: It’s important to note that stock market forecasting is a challenging task and there’s no guarantee that any forecasting algorithm will be accurate. The stock market is influenced by numerous factors, including economic indicators, geopolitical events, and market sentiment, which can… Continue reading stock forecasting in python

how to connect MS Excel on MAC to an SSAS cube?

To connect Microsoft Excel on a Mac to a SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) cube, you need to do the following steps: Note: If you are connecting to a SSAS cube for the first time, you may need to install the appropriate drivers for your version of Excel. You can find these drivers from the… Continue reading how to connect MS Excel on MAC to an SSAS cube?

python code that helps update resume based on job description

a code to update your resume based on a job description would likely need to be quite complex and specific to your resume format. Additionally, writing a complete resume from scratch based on a job description is not a task that can be automated by a simple script. However, I can give you a simple… Continue reading python code that helps update resume based on job description

what should we learn that will be critical in next 20 years?

Here are some skills and fields that may be critical in the next 20 years: Note: The specific skills that will be critical can vary depending on the region and industry, but these are some of the broad areas that are likely to be important in the future.

install fbprophet in python

when entering maybe you get this error: or ay others and you tried everything!!just try this one and do not instal conda or anythong else!!: then start coding easily: you can add news data as an additional regressor to the model by using the add_regressor method in the prophet library. Here’s an example code: Note:… Continue reading install fbprophet in python

Understand the difference between sql statements

UNION ALL and UNION LIKE and ILIKE NOT and ! and <> DATE_PART() and DATE_TRUNC() UNION ALL and UNION UNIONThe UNION command is used to select related information from two tables, much like the JOIN command. However, when using the UNION command all selected columns need to be of the same data type. With UNION, only distinct values are selected. UNION ALLThe UNION ALL command is equal to the UNION command, except that UNION ALL selects all values. The difference… Continue reading Understand the difference between sql statements

رفع مشکل اضافه شدن خودکار کی‌بورد جدید در ویندوز ۱۰

جای کی‌بورد فارسی معمولی ویندوز استفاده کنید، خود ویندوز ۱۰ به صورت خودکار و بدون اجازه گرفتن از شما، کی بورد دیفالت خودش رو گاها اضافه می‌کنه به لیست کی‌بورد‌ها. این یعنی وقتی مثلا تغییر زبان کی‌بورد می‌دید دو بار باید فارسی رو بزنید و این خیلی روی اعصابه!!

خلاصه هنر جنگ سان تزو

خلاصه کتاب هنر جنگ سان تزو

۱)‌ خودت و دشمنت رو بشناس. حالا می‌گه دشمن، منظورش رقیب و هدف و … هم هست. مثلا برای مصاحبه، اول خودت بدون دقیقا چیکار بلدی و چی می‌خوای، بعد درباره مصاحبه کننده و شرکتی که داری می‌ری مصاحبه خوب تحقیق کن. لینکداین پیداش کن. علاقه‌های مشترکتون رو بشناس و … ۲) از نقاط قوت… Continue reading خلاصه هنر جنگ سان تزو