Vendor Analysis (CRISP-DM)

*	Project results:
    o	Vendors performance measurement criteria
    o	Vendor Grading / Tearing Model
    o	Vendors segmentation structure 
        •	Conceptual description
        •	The real pattern 
*	Usage:
    o	Success process 
        •	 Vendor reactivation 
        •	 (Acquisition)
    o	Product 
        •	Panel
        •	Notification
        •	…
*	Scope:
    o	Brand : Takhfifan
    o	Business line: Core business
    o	Category:
        •	Restaurant
        •	Leisure and sports
        •	Health
    o	Province: Tehran
    o	Area: All
    o	Time:
        •	Before Covid 19
        •	After Covid 19


o	Data understanding
    •	Required data definition
o	Data preparation
    •	Collect existing data
    •	Identify missing data and collect them
    •	Feature engineering (: the distance between contract date and first selling)
o	Modeling  and evaluation
    •	Exploratory data analysis (تحلیل اکتشافی داده‌ها)
    •	Summary of performance measurement criteria  (جمع بندی معیارهای سنجش عملکرد)
    •	Measure the performance of vendors based on specified criteria(اندازه‌گیری عملکرد وندورها بر اساس معیارهای مشخص شده )
    •	Grading  model development
    •	Clustering vendors and developing segmentation model.
o	Deployment
    •	Summaries findings and present to beneficiary
    •	Using the results into processes.