If we divide management onto 6 different categories, that would be:

  1. Finance and accounting
  2. Strategy and organization
  3. Marketing and sales
  4. Production and operation
  5. Entrepreneurship and innovation
  6. Human resources and organization behavior

then HR would divides to:

  1. leadership
  2. negotiation
  3. Function
  4. Decision making
  5. Recruitment

It is worth about 3 to 5 times more than first salary of an employee to cost for a good recruitment.

Recruitment has 3 steps:

  • Job : knowing about job description and what are the tasks we need him to do.
  • Person: finding the candidate
  • Fit : assess the job and the person

Job description:

  1. Do we need a head 🧠who we need to think, a heart ❤️who be related to people or a hand 🖐️ to do operational tasks?
  2. technical techniques (Max 4) and qualifications ( gender, age, …)
  3. soft skills (Max 4)

How to do the interview

we have several kinds of interview and assessments. we have to consider the accuracy and cost for each.
– Structured behavioral interview that is about 50% accurate but the cost is reasonable.
– Assessment center (a process in which a group of people who are being considered for a job are given a series of tests or interviews that can last for a day or more) it has about 70% accurate. but as you can guess, the cost is high.
– Component testing scenarios. 90% accurate but who wants to join us for a limited period of time just to be tested and if they wasn’t good, we have to do it again with a lot of time cost.

The best The predictor of a person’s behavior is their behavior in the past and present

so recruitment has 3 steps:

  • Before interview
    • structure
    • questions
    • resume
  • During interview
  • After interview

Interview questions

  • ✅ Behavioral with regards to the past acts.
    • Tell me about a time that …
  • ⭕Situational (imagine a situation that … ) it is not so good. just can use it for freshmen who has no experience to ask them behavioral questions.
  • ❌Opinion (what is your opinion about …). It would be what you want to listen. not what they will do!
  • ❌Brain teasers (You have a 3 gallon jug and 5 gallon jug, how do you measure out exactly 4 gallons?) what do you want to measure under lots of stress in an interview???

Try to manage the situation to be equal for all the candidates.

So start with a
– warm up
– introduce yourself and the position
– what is the purpose of this interview
– the structure of the interview

and also do this during the interview:
– take some notes
– stick to the structure
– beware of the bios
– – First impression bios
– – like me bios
– – confirmation bios

After interview

  • Summarize
  • Report
  • Inform