OM Setup


Common Error in Oracle Shipping Execution (packaged with Oracle Order Management) – Part 1/2

Sub Inventories come to Order line

Set the profile :

INV: Allow Expense To Asset Transfer = Yes

oracle order management

with this profiles sub inventories will come to orde lines


Item come to Price List

After create sub inventory and creation of Item and assign sub inventory to Item (in left side bar 3rd tab)

In inventory > Organization access> get the access of the sub inventory to Order Management

To see Items in order line

to see Items in order lines :

Order management > OM System Parameters value >

parameter : Item Validation Organization

Value : Item Master Organization or any other inv

Oracle Order management setup steps


booking error

Check the setup for the Sales Order flex field and make corrections wherever required.

1. Check if you have the segments of the Sales Order flex field set to the following:

segment 1 – Sales Order

segment 2 – Order Type

segment 3 – Order Source

If the above values do not tally, change the values, freeze and recompile

the flex field.

System Administrator Responsibility: Application –> Flexfield–> Key



OM: Generate credit for rejected returns = yes


Come to interface line

OM > Shipping > Interface > Run

name : Interface Trip Stop – SRS


Organization Access

Inventory > Organization Access

To change the organization and access others


Transact the order manually

OM> Shipping> Setup> Organization PArameters > ATP tab > Pick Configuration Required


profile To see Items in price lists

To see Items in price lists

profile :

QP: Item Validation Organization


profile to auto invoice

AR: Use Invoice Accounting For Credit Memos = yes


ATP Profiles

  • OM: AutoSchedule
  • OM: Auto Push Group Date
  • INV: Capable to Promise (required for ATP)
  • MSC: Enable ATP Summary Mode

OM Setup

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