B2B Marketing KPIs abbreviations and descriptions

AbbreviationDescriptionCompany . CS
MRRMonthly Recurring Revenue: Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is the amount of subscription revenue that a company can expect to receive on a monthly basis. To calculate MRR is to sum the monthly subscription value of all customers in a given month.Company
ARRAnnual Recurring Revenue: It is defined as the value of the contracted recurring revenue components of subscriptions normalized to a one-year period. In short it could also be calculated as MRR * 12Company
New Customer MRRMonthly Recurring Revenue from Newly Acquired Customers- It is calculated as the MRR paid at the start of the subscription + Upgrades within the first month of startingCompany
CustomerA Company with a website subscription of which the MRR > 0Company
New CustomerA company that has started a website subscription & for which the MRR > 0 for the first monthCompany
New MRRThe first MRR which a new customer starts paying for the productCompany
UpgradeAny positive change in MRR from an existing customer in a certain period after the first month.Company
DowngradeMRR lost from reducing the number of users, change of plan, changing Yearly to monthly payment.Company
ReactivationThe reactivation (MRR>0) of a customer that had previously churned.Company
ChurnThe MRR associated with the customers that cancelled their subscription in a certain period. It is recognized at the last day of the subscription.Company
Current Customer MRRThe MRR contributed by all of the currently paying customers. In the dashboard it is the total new MRR – total churn till date.Company
Growth in MRR from Existing CustomersThis is the sum of Downgrades (negative), Upgrades (positive) and Churn (negative).Company
Active MRRThe MRR of customers who have sent 30 tickets in the last 30 days, i.e. based on Website activityCS,Company
Inactive MRRThe MRR of customers who have sent 0 tickets in the last 30 days, i.e. don’t have much activity in their Website account.CS,Company
SQLSales Qualified Lead: When the SDR team “accepts” the MQL, it marks the Company as a Sales Qualified Lead in the Lifecycle Stage. This will open up a deal in the AE pipeline in the SQL stage.Marketing,Sales
Ad SpendThe direct online marketing spend (e.g. google ads, facebook ads, linkedin ads, etc) combined for this month.Marketing
Cost per SQLThe cost spent on ads in acquiring one Sales Qualified lead.Marketing
Cost per Paid SQLThe cost spent on ads in acquiring one Sales Qualified lead from paid UTM mediums.Marketing
CAC DirectCustomer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is the cost of winning a customer. In the dashboard, the metric is Total ad spend/ Number of new customers. E.g. If Website spent 30k on ads and closed 100 customers in that period, the CAC direct is 30k / 100 = 300 euro.Marketing
Payback PeriodCAC Payback Period is the number of months required to pay back the customer acquisition costs after accounting for the expenses to service that customer. In the dashboard, the metric is CAC Direct / Gross Margin (Ad spend/ (New customer MRR * Gross Margin))Marketing
MQLMarketing Qualified Lead: When we identify a Lead that has Fit with Website and is in the “Bottom of the funnel” stage, as marketing we assume they are “Marketing Qualified Lead”. When a Lead is marked as MQL, a task will be generated for the SDRs.Marketing
New & (nearly) Inactive MRRThe MRR that is associated with accounts that had <= 30 tickets in the past 30 days and have been a customer < 6 months.CS
Average days active in TrialThe average number of days in which the trial was taking actions (as measured by segment tracking) in Website . This activity includes adding users, adding channels, adding tickets, and clicks.Product
Current TrialAny Trial that starts before the period ends and ends after the period starts.Product
Active TrialAny Current trial that has any activity (as measured by segment tracking) during the period. This activity includes adding users, adding chanels, adding tickets, and clicks. A trial is considered active when it has had activity in the last 24 hours.Product
Converted CustomerThe customer who became a paying customer by moving through the sales funnel. Lead scoring → MQL → SQL → Customer. In Dashboard it is the number of companies where became a customer date is not blank.Product
Upgrade 1st MonthAdditional MRR from new customers within the first monthData
New Customer start monthThe first month that a company has a Website subscription where MRR > 0Data
WonWhen a deal is converted from a Hubspot perspective. A company started as a Lead, the Lead goes through the pipeline of MQL > SQL > Won.Marketing