ATP Setup


Setup Available to Promise in Order Management

ATP is acronym to Available to Promise.

Oracle Order Management enables you to advise your customers when items will be available based on current on-hand inventory plus the expected incoming supply and outgoing demand.

Calculating ATP requires as input the item, the order quantity, the order quantity unit of measure and the request date. In general the user will enter the item and order quantity on every order line.

The request date and order quantity unit of measure may be defaulted or manually entered. ATP may be calculated for a single line, a group of lines, or a complete order.

ATP = Planned production – committed demand

Inputs and the outputs of ATP

Setting up ATP

Set up ATP

Step 1: Create the ATP Rule in Oracle Inventory Module

Step 2: Assign the ATP Rule(here, standard) to the item in the Master Item Window

Step 3: Check ATP in the Organization Item Window

Step 4: Define the Sourcing Rule in Oracle Purchasing Module

Step 5: Define an Assignment Set and assign the Sourcing Rule to Item, Item-Org and Global.

Step 6: Set the Profile Options

Set the following Profile Options:

•        INV: Capable to Promise

•        MRP: Calculate Supply Demand = Yes

•        MRP: Derive PO Supply date from need by date = Yes

•        MRP: ATP Assignment Set

•        MRP: Default Sourcing Assignment Set

Step 7: Setup the Standard Managers as per your requirement:

Step 8: Setup the Application Instances and Organizations

Step 9: Run ATP Data Collection.

Using ATP in the Sales Order Window

•        Enter a Sales Order for the ATP enabled item and Click on the Availability button to view the results of the ATP process.

•        Click on the Global Availability button to see if other organizations can fulfill the sales order demand by the request date

ATP Setup

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